Schedule Content from Social Channels in Bulk




  • Sford

    This is a really great new feature.  The only thing I found annoying was the fact that your messages have to be scheduled 30 minutes apart. For that reason, I can't actually use this new tool because many of my messages tend to be 15 or 20 minute increments apart.

  • Kerry Jones

    Sadly, doesn't work for me. Even when formatting perfectly. :(

  • Bill

    Anyone else having issues with the bulk scheduler? What about the images? Are they posted at the size they are or are they clipped?


  • Social Report Team

    What issue are you having? Can you submit a support ticket with the spreadsheet you are trying to upload?

  • Luis Escoffié

    What happend with the images when they are scheduled? Can they be deleted from the hosting server? or they need to be online so they can be retrieved when the message is going to be posted? Thanks!

  • Social Report Team

    The images can be deleted after the message is published to social networks. 

  • America's Charities

    We have run into some issues concerning the reliability and accuracy of messages scheduled using the bulk scheduler. About 99% of the time the tool works perfectly, but for some reason when we import bulk messages using the excel template we downloaded from this site, the image permalink sometimes gets mixed up with another permalink resulting in the wrong image being posted with a message.  We have checked and confirmed that the permalink imported with the message on the spreadsheet is correct, yet when it gets imported into Social Report we notice the permalink we uploaded isn't the one being pulled.  We continue using the bulk scheduler because in most instances it works fine, however we have had to get in the habit of importing and closely reviewing every single message in detail to make sure that what we imported is in fact what Social Report is pulling and scheduling in the system. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem? 

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