White Label Setup How-To Guide




  • Carlos Vazquez

    Are there white label videos to support our customers? Looking to get signed up as a reseller. 

  • Social Report Team

    Hello Carlos,

    We do not currently have any training videos that are white labeled. You would need to create those on your own. If you like we can put together a proposal and get that going for you.

  • Gabe Singer

    Do I have to offer pricing plans and sign up info as part of the white label dashboard, or can I just offer the dashboard access to clients so they can see their  social stats at any time?  I don't want to sell through the site, I just want to be able to use it as a web-based dashboard that clients can access independently of me, either to see real time data, or reports that I have posted in their account for them to review.  Is this possible?

  • Dee

    Hi Social Report team 

    I can't find how do you create your own custom pricing plan ? I saw two plan that enabled this 79 / mo and 159 / mo

    but you mentioned it here in your page http://www.socialreport.com/white-label-social-analytics.html

    am on one of the early plan but what happen now that I am trying to see how to setup custom pricing and gives access

    once payment approved using credit card / paypal any other way to automate this ? I do not see comprehensive tutorial

    on this 

  • Social Report Team

    Please contact our customer support at [email protected] and we will assist with custom plan creation.

  • Ash

    Hi Guys, 

    I have been trying to get a hold of someone to help me out with some requests. on this page, http://www.socialreport.com/white-label-social-analytics.html it mentions vanity domain shortener, how can i set this up? and also i am also interested in the reseller program? Can someone please get back to me?


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