Everything you need to manage and understand your Yelp profile.

Understand your Yelp reviews

Get timely alerts on every review received

Understand demographics of users leaving reviews

Identify most popular reviews

Identify most influential reviewers

Understand and improve your response time

Track your review rating over time

Compare your reviews to reviews of your customers

Include Yelp into your social media reporting

Export reviews and revewer profiles to PDF or Excel

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor keywords

Track reviews for presence of specific keywords

Keep an eye on reviews containing a particular keyword. Social Report will both monitor reviews and comments for occurrences of the keyword and deliver the reports that include influencers, geography and demographics. Multitude of configuration options give you complete control of how searches are conducted and how matches are determined

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Social Media Posting

Unlimited presentation ready reports

Looking for a quick fix? We offer a number of ready to go reports. You can also build your custom reports. Each reporting requirement is very unique. Social Report allows you to setup a very specific report by picking and choosing specific sections, including your own cover pages and logo.