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Social Report Team May 17 Tips & Tricks

SocialReport's media library offers a conveniently built in storage for all of your media content used in publications. Nicely organized by project it offers users ability to share and subsequently reuse their media such as images and videos. 

We recognized however that our users may already use file storage tools such as Google Drive and DropBox to keep their photos and videos.

We are now offering our users ability to simply connect their Google Drive and Drop Box folders to their projects. 

Steps are as follows:

1) Click on Settings and them Media Library 

2) Click on Google Drive or Drop Box buttons

3) Login and authorize access

4) Pick the folders you would like to connect

5) Voila - your folders are now connected. You can now share this content when your publish.


We've put together this short video that shows exactly how to do this






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Social Report Team Apr 13 Announcements

Tracking keyword, hashtags and mentions is an important part of social media management. With Social Report you can track activity across networks, discover trends and identify opportunities.

We have now added ability to both restrict your results to certain geographical locations as well as get detailed reporting on where keywords that interest you are used around the world.

We've put together this short video that demonstrates how it works. You can also download this sample report.




Sample report


Social Media Monitoring


Social Report Team Feb 11 Tips & Tricks

We live in a global world. World that speaks many languages. We have now built in a 'translate' button right into Feed (a stream of all events that surround your social media presence). See a new comment and can't read it because it is in a different language - simply click 'Translate' button and read it in your language.

Translate incoming messages


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Social Report Team Jan 18 Tips & Tricks

When you are designing your new message and include a link - note that you can actually control the way your link will be shared on the channel. You can control every aspect of it: title, description and image. Here is how it works: 


Social Report Team Jan 4 Tips & Tricks

Lots of Google+ Pages receive reviews through an associated Google Place.

When connecting a Google+ page to your Social Report dashboard you can now select a Google Place for which you would like to track reviews.

The report includes a detailed look at the actual reviews, ratings and reviewer demographics.

  • Timeline of reviews received (note that you can track anyone's reviews)
  • Breakdown of ratings and languages
  • Timeline of average ratings
  • Detailed list of all reviews.


Google Reviews


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